By Winnie Walsh

Women demand gender equality in the US Senate. At present the majority 80% are male legislators. Women make up the minority. National laws that govern both men and women lack the wisdom of women’s voices. Case in point: gun control.Carnage in our schools replicates pictures of war torn Syria.
Greed propels the NRA. Officials of this entity now want to suggest teachers to be armed. Who is to say that one day a teacher may suffer a chemical imbalance and shoot his or her students. I propose a repeal of the 2nd Amendment and make new gun laws.
I also propose an addendum to the l7th Amendment: “There shall be two representatives sent to the US Senate from each state one being a qualified male and one being a qualified female. Grandfather in same sex Senators until the next election.”
Let’s bring our Constitution into the 21st Century. Women’s voices must have a seat at the national table. This can be done in one of our legislative branches of US Government namely: The US Senate.