I came to Savannah in 1997, four years after my husband Donald with whom I shared 32 years of marriage, died. I have often thought if it hadn’t been for my youngest of five children, Tim I wouldn’t be writing this website.

Tim, who has Down syndrome and now lives in a group home in New Jersey not too far from his brothers and sister, was living at home with me in Spring Lake Heights.NJ.

There was  a luncheon scheduled for Tim and some of his teammates to celebrate the end of a pleasant basketball season. While at the luncheon, one of the parents of the young athletes asked what kind of plans I had for Tim during the summer vacation. I told her Tim was scheduled to spend some vacation time in Pennsylvania. She then followed up by asking me what I intended to do. Without much thought I responded, “Oh, I think I’ll go south and look for Rhett Butler.” She smiled and replied, “Funny you should say that…” opened her pocketbook took out her wallet and handed me a business card and added,”that’s my daughter’s Bed and Breakfast in Savannah she is in the process of restoring it.”

Fast forward a month Tim is on his way to Pennsylvania and yours truly heads for Savannah. The minute I alighted from the plane and sailed into the small airport I felt at home. When Jane (owner of inn) greeted me and secured my suitcase, she drove me all thru the historic district. I was enchanted. My vacation ended by buying the house I now reside in on  Charlton Street off Troup Square.