Child of the Lots - Winnie WalshA single decision can ultimately affect the rest of your life…and generations to come. The O’Connor and Clark families learn this lesson as they come to grips with the consequences that stem from past choices. In Child of the Lots Winnie Walsh charts the path followed by two young women facing unwanted pregnancies. When abortion renders the Clarks unable to conceive, they adopt Bridget, the baby to whom unmarried Una O’Connor gives birth. Unbeknownst to them, their paths cross again as Bridget matures and attends college where Una is teaching. A sense of guilt and pain haunts the Clarks and also threatens to destroy them, but Una’s life is made richer as she works closely with the daughter who does not know their secret. As the Clarks and O’Connors face more difficult decisions and life-changing events, the author illustrates the simple values of truth and moral responsibility and reminds us that forgiveness and appreciation enrich the lives we lead.