From the South Bronx to Savannah - Winnie WalshThe author’s “yellow brick road” takes her from early childhood in the South Bronx to her “somewhere over the rainbow” Savannah. She writes abut life in the South Bronx and her struggling Irish immigrant family during the early thirties and forties and how it affects both herself and her siblings. After high school, she find herself tossed into the canyons of Wall Street and into investment banking where she garnishes a position as a municipal bond trader. This prestigious employment enables her to summer at the Jersey Shoe, take winter cruises to Nassau an enjoy a five week vacation in Europe in l957.

The road bends and she meets handsome New York City fireman who joins her in marriage and together they continue on until his death in l993. She is not alone however because there are five children traveling along with her until the road takes them on their own path. Alone again events lelad her to her “somewhere over the rainbow” house on Charlton Street where she now resides.