Tim Defines and Defies Down Syndrome is a finished manuscript of the original one entitled Love’s Not Enough.  My publisher advised me to change the title, as they had published a novel recently with the title.

The book is a chronological account of my youngest son Tim’s development, who has Down Syndrome.  Along with pictures, the text of the book illustrates how he accepted life’s challenges and addressed them.  He is now forty years old and lives in a group home in Tom’s River, New Jersey.

He enjoys, fishing and sketching, along with watching Seinfeld DVDs  and involved in Karate. At Christmas time he flies down to Savannah and spends time with me.  He participates in the Christmas Day mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist as an alter server, something he learned while a teenager.  We have a wonderful time sharing moments like walking my white haired terrier, Ozzie, and Pomeranian Leo, shopping on River Street in downtown Historic Savannah.

He will visit Savannah this Christmas and by then hopefully my latest book Senator For A Day will be under the Christmas tree as my gift to him.
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